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 Rambles Around The Island

In association with the County Press Newspaper

The IW Ramblers publish a monthly walk in the County Press called 'Rambles Around The Island'. Each gently paced walk takes in the beauty of the Island's countryside and also our towns.  The maps are easy to follow and also list the amenities available in that local area.  

We are trying to encourage more and more people to get out and walk - not only is regular walking good for your heart and lungs it also gives you a feeling of well being.  

Walking is something that you can either do on your own, with children, older family members or in a group. It can cost very little and can fit in with any lifestyle. So whether you want to walk because you simply enjoy being outside or would like to improve your general health, weight control or just simply want to explore our beautiful Island and meet like minded people, walking can help you. So why not give it a go? You may really enjoy it!

Please Note   We are currently in the process of updating and replacing our 'Rambles Around The Island'.  The new ones will be published below once completed and will be denoted by the letters  (U/V) updated version.  A GPX tracklog is also available for these updated walks and can be requested through our contacts page.


Arreton  3.2 miles  Waypoints  PDF Version

Ashey Down and Nunwell  (U/V)  4.2 miles 

Bembridge  4 miles

Bonchurch  2.3miles  Waypoints  PDF Version

Brading Station and Marshes  3.2 miles PDF Version

Brighstone Village and Coast (U/V) 4 miles

Brook 3.5 miles  Waypoints

Brook, Hulverstone  (U/V) 3 miles

Calbourne  2.1 Miles  Waypoints  PDF Version

Carisbrooke to Gatcombe (U/V) 4.5 miles 

Chale Green (U/V) 4.5 miles   

Compton, Brook and Shippards Chine (U/V) 6.3 miles 

Cowes  3 miles

Culver Downs  2.75 miles  Waypoints   

Firestone Copse and Quarr Abbey  4.3 miles

Freshwater Bay (U/V) 5 miles

Freshwater and Tapnell  6.5 miles  Waypoints  PDF Version

Godshill (U/V)  4.5 miles                                       

Newport and Carisbrooke (U/V)  5 miles

Newport and the River Medina (U/V)  5 miles

Newtown Harbour and Woods (U/V) 3.5 miles

Niton and Whitwell  (U/V) 3.9 miles                               

Merstone  3.8 miles

Rookley (U/V) 4.4 miles   

Sandown Stn and Alverstone (U/V) 5 miles

Sandown and Newchurch (U/V)  6.5 miles 

Seaview and the Coast Path  (U/V)  5 miles

Seaview and St Helens (U/V) 5.8 miles

Seaview  4 miles  

Shalfleet and Newbridge (U/V) 4.1 miles                  

Shanklin  2.8 miles

Shorwell (U/V) 5 miles

Shorwell, Kingston, Billingham  (U/V) 6 miles 

St Helens (U/V) 4.7 miles                  

Totland Bay (U/V) 4.1 miles

Totland, the Needles and Freshwater Bay (U/V)  5.7 miles

Wellow  3.6 miles   Waypoints  PDF Version

Whippingham  4 miles 

Whitwell,Stenbury Down  (U/V)  4.6 miles 

Wootton Bridge  3 miles +                              

Wroxall (U/V)  4 miles                                                     

Wroxall Down   2.9 miles   Waypoints PDF Version

Yar Estuary (U/V) 4 miles

Yarmouth and Freshwater  4 miles  

Yarmouth  3.1 miles PDF Version

Yarmouth Town  2.0 miles  Waypoints PDF Version