Wight Scramblers


Walking is a great activity to do as a family no matter what age your children are but there is something particularly special about introducing a new generation to the joys of walking in the great outdoors as soon as their legs will carry them.

For many parents memories of walking as young children themselves are a strong incentive to go walking as a family, while for those new to walking, children can be a catalyst to get out into the fresh air for the whole family's benefit.

Getting Started

Walking to nursery or school when possible is an ideal way to establish walking as part of family life and many schools and local authorities have walking schemes such as designated routes and walking buses to make walking fun and safe for children.

If you have toddlers who can't yet go far on foot, taking a pushchair or suitable child carrier on a family stroll means they can walk at least some of the way before having a rest. All-terrain pushchairs with three wheels are widely available for off-road walking.

Keeping Things Interesting

Once you've introduced children to walking the hard part can be keeping them interested. Exercising the family dog is a simple way to add something different to a walk but there are plenty of other easy - and free - ways to make a walk special.

Games of I-spy, collecting objects, treasure hunts or even fancy dress can help liven up walks for disinterested children. You could also consider incorporating local attractions or adding a picnic to your walk so they have something extra to look forward to.

And sometimes children just like to be involved. You could introduce them to map reading, help them pack their own rucksack, take a camera for them to use or let them bring a friend - all things we take for granted as adults but which can make a big difference to children.

The following activity Sheets will keep your 5 - 10 year old amused and interested, click on the link to download.


 Scramblers Bingo Activity Sheet








 Rainbow Ramble Scramblers Activity Sheet







 Walk Leader Scramblers Activity Sheet